Will a Jensen shirt make me look good?

Yes, if you’ve got the body you might as well show it off

Will a Jensen shirt make me more desirable?

Yes – how can it not?

Will a Jensen shirt improve my job prospects?

Maybe, going by the old adage “dress to impress”

What shirt size am I?

This is an easy one - your shirt size is the size that fits you the best.

If you are still unsure, then you should measure your neck size. This is a little difficult if you are by yourself so if there is someone handy, preferably someone you would like to get close to, ask them. Have them measure around your neck with a tape measure (not a ruler), allowing enough room for two fingers to be inserted comfortably between the tape measure and the neck. This should allow for a comfortable fit. This measurement is your Collar Size. 

If you are by yourself, don’t worry. Take one of your best fitting shirts. Lay the collar flat and measure the inside of the collar from the centre of the button to the centre of the buttonhole. This measurement is also your Collar size (and what you usually order the shirts by)

It is worth remembering that the Jensen shirts are a slim tailored fit so in some instances it may be worth going up one collar size. If you are not intending to wear a tie - make sure that the shirts fit you on the shoulder, chest, waist and sleeve length. These are much more important for a great fitting shirt. See Sizing Help for more information.

Can I order over the telephone?

Absolutely, we are more than happy to take your order over the telephone. Call us on 61 2 9398 3430 from 9.00am – 5.00pm Monday to Friday. Just be aware that we multitask in the office and warehouse so be sure to leave a message if the phone is unanswered as we’re probably at the back of the warehouse collecting orders. We’ll get back to you ASAP.

How do I care for my shirt and have time to do other things?

Few people enjoy washing, but if you want to smell and look your best it is a good idea to wash and iron your shirts.

Jensen shirts are awesome and have been made with quality workmanship and raw materials. They are robust enough to be taken to commercial cleaners for washing and ironing - so you have more time to do the things you would prefer to be doing. However, there is no doubt that cleaning your shirt at home will extend the life of your garment.

We always recommend washing your shirt once yourself before taking to a commercial cleaner.

Following the washing instructions on your shirt is also a good idea.

How do I wash my shirt?


A lot can be said about attraction and pheromones. However don’t get this confused with body odour and a smelly or stained shirt. At some stage you’re going to have to take off your favourite shirt and have it washed. When that time comes here are a few tips:

  • Wash in cold or lukewarm water, and do not use bleach.
  • Hang the shirt to dry rather than tumble in a dryer.
  • If using a tumble dryer a low heat setting is recommended (and take out before "bone-dry")

How do I iron my shirt?

IRONING 101 (Do not attempt until WASHING 101 has been completed)

The way you iron your shirt can affect how long it lasts, how well it looks (and whether you will get that pash on the first date.) So, keep in mind that ironing is not a chore - it is a means to an end!

Our tips are...

Before you start, note that irons have different heat settings. Check the label on your shirt to see what fabric it is made from. Most irons have different settings for different fabrics.

As a guide, Jensen’s

  • pure cotton shirts require a high heat setting and high steam
  • cotton blend shirts require a medium heat setting and med-high steam
  • cotton stretch shirts require a low heat setting and med-high steam

If you a doing a lot of ironing it is worthwhile to invest in a good iron and ironing board!

Ironing a shirt when it is almost dry, makes the job a little easier (and means you will use less steam). When using the steam setting on your iron, preferably use distilled water to fill the iron, as the minerals found in tap water can leave stains. Alternatively, distilled water in a spray bottle will also be fine.

From a procedural perspective, it is best to begin by ironing the sleeves, followed by the cuffs. The cuffs should be fully opened and laid flat. Similarly, the collar should be ironed next and should be fully opened and laid flat. Leave ironing of the body of the shirt to last, as all the finished parts can hang off the ironing board and be out of harm's way making it less likely that all your good work will be undone!

For each part use your hand to smooth out the fabric, then run slow even strokes to iron flat. Remember not to leave the iron in one spot for too long, as this may scorch the fabric.

When you have finished, hang the shirt up to cool down. This will help it retain the shape that you have just ironed into it. 

Now, put it on and, go get 'em!

What does the order status pending, processing or shipped mean?

'Pending' means that we have received your order.

‘Processing’ means we have the stock and payment has been successful.

‘Shipped’ means that the order is out of the warehouse on the way to you.

Need anything else answered?

Give us a call on +612 9519 4000 or email info@jensenshirts.com.au