We understand that there is an element of trust required when you purchase online.

We know that when making an online purchase you cannot feel, smell, taste, try on the garment or assess it in front of a mirror. So it is very important that we put our customer’s mind at ease by offering a full refund or exchange on all purchases if returned within 100 days of purchase.

There is one exception...

We cannot take the garment back if it has been worn other than for a minute or two seeing how good you look in front of the mirror (or show your significant other).

Don't try to screw us! We will know if it has been worn or washed and will be looking at the details such as:

  • Is there lipstick on the collar?
  • Have the tags been removed from the garment?
  • Does it smell like you have slept in it?
    (this happens as the material is so silky)

If any of these have been done, please don't bother to return the shirt as we can't accept it.

If your shirt does need to be returned, please return it to:

PO Box 159
Marrickville NSW 2204

with a copy of the invoice and a note to explain whats up?


Jensen Crew