You’re better off showing up nude than in an improperly fitted shirt.

As much as we encourage nudity, when you do need to wear clothes occasionally (maybe a first date, or dinner with the in-laws) – it is important to dress appropriately to make the right impression. As this starts with the right fitting shirt, this section describes how our shirts should fit.

Do you need to wear a tie? If not – don’t worry too much about the collar measurement. More important are the shoulders, chest, waist and sleeve length.

Our shirts are Slim Fit.

The Yoke (or shoulder piece) should finish on the top of your shoulder (where your arm starts to hang downwards).

When you are standing, the chest should fit snuggly under the armpit, but not pull too tightly that the second button is opening (it should just sit flat on your chest).

Likewise around the waist – it should fit snugly but not gape open at the belly button when you sit down.

If you are standing comfortably, with the cuff open - ideally the sleeve length should finish approx 1-2cm above your thumb joint. This is for when you wear a jacket and bend your elbow - your cuff will still be long enough to show at your wrists.

If you would like to check what size will fit you best, get a tape measure to find out what these 4 crucial body measurements are.

Hold the tape measure around your body with 2 fingers inside the tape to allow for some movement (parallel to the ground where possible).

Use your measurements and relate them to the table below for your nearest size.

If you need any further details about anything – please feel free to call or email us for some advice. We are always happy to help.

Or if you are in Sydney CBD, please drop into the Shirt Bar to try one on (and have a drink for your troubles).

*please note we build in a small amount of shrinkage in our garments so measurements are after washing.

Size on website37/XS38/S39/S-M40/M41/M-L42/L43/L-XL44/XL46/2XL
NECK SIZE 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 46
CHEST 101 105 107 111 114 118 121 125 130
WAIST 89 93 95 99 102 106 110 114 121
SHOULDER 43 44 45 46 47 49 50 51 52
SLEEVE* 86 87 88 89 90 91 91 92 93

*sleeve is taken from centre back, across shoulder and down to cuff