The Maxim Story

The myth that horizontal stripes make you look fat was busted a few years back by a UK study – which is bad news for scrawny guys wanting to bulk up, and good news for everyone else. To be honest, though, we don’t really care either way. After all, this shirt is so fine it can only make you look better, whether you’re built like Jabba the Hutt or Woody Allen. 


We use old school tailoring techniques such as 18 stitches per inch and double-fused collars for strength and durability (in other words, they hold their shape) -- while using our engineering expertise to create the details that make our shirts awesome.


Our shirts give width in the shoulders while providing a lean silhouette at the hips. This is because of their unique cut that lets the shirt sit close to the body and enhances the upper body. Think of it as being a slim-fit with a twist.


Our shirts are hand crafted in Australia's longest-running shirt factory still in existence. We are a family business that has been around for 40 years and our seamstresses are amongst the country's most highly skilled. Every shirt is made with love.